The first coffee supply with complete traceability


in collaboration with Presidio Slow Food


The way of São Tomé coffee

One of the best quality of coffee grows spontaneously in this amazing island in the New Guinea Gulf.
In the opinion of leading experts, "The best robust in the world"
For this reasons, Slow Food created a "presidium". The traceablity process begins with aim of certifying the entire coffee supply chain for the first time

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monte coffee me-zochi

Local coopertatives represent a fundamental node in the traceability process. They prepare the coffee harvest to the long travel to the final product.
Me-Zochi Cooperative guarantees provenience and authenticity of the 12 coffee producers which constitute the Slow Food Presidium.

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The importer

at the beginning of the journey towards the destionation ports, transport and provenance documents are collected; the coffee is now ready to sail the sea. At the detination more health analysis are performed on the product and they will forwarded, with the customs certificate, to the importer who bought the coffee. In this way the importer become quality guarantor of the product and carefully deliver it in the expert hands of roasters.

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The roaster

Master Roberto Messineo - Caffè San Domenico
Now the roaster has a very delicate task: he has to create and deliver the Slow Food quality coffee to consumers. He roasts the raw coffee, he tastes the result and write the scheda tasting.
Once the quality is certified he carefully packs the product:
The coffee is now ready for the delivery

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the end operator and Foodchain

The consumer can enjoy the excellent final product
Thanks to Foodchain and a simple QR code readeble via the Foodchain Mobile App he will the amazing story of "São Tomè Robust Coffee".

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The Slow Food Presidia support small traditional products at risk of disappearing, regions and ecosystems, recover ancient crafts and techniques processing, safeguard native breeds and varieties of vegetables and fruit. They represent in Italy and in the world a certain brand of excellence.


Torrefazione San Domenico is one of the twenty-five best roasters in Italy. The roasting master, Roberto Messineo, works, transforms and follows the coffee at all stages of the roasting process. He specialied on in the most special and rare coffee quality in the world, which include all the Slow Food coffee Presidia. He is always looking for special productions of which he spreads great culture botany, still hidden.

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