The transparent food chain

access the information

Completely online with a smartphone and a unique QR-code that guarantees authenticity on the product.

This is possible thanks to FoodChain, the system that tracks the history of the product with multimedia data and makes it accessible and shareable via web and mobile.

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Every product
has a story to tell

FoodChain helps to discover it and verify its authenticity


The producer collects and selects the raw material - FoodChain keeps track of the location-based data, day and time, photos and videos, and thanks to the association with a unique QR-code guarantees the authenticity and origin of the raw materials.

transparent supply chain

At each step along the manufacturing process multimedia data is collected and sent to FoodChain that authenticates and stores information. In this way the manufacturing chain becomes more transparent and accessible for consumers, even smarter as it improves quality control and sharing management systems of production processes.

smart shopping

Before purchasing goods scan the product’s QR-code with your smartphone to read the information that the product has gathered along the production process. You can verify yourself authenticity and organoleptic properties thanks to data recorded along the manufacturing chain.

share the shopping experience

Tell us about your experience as a consumer, verify whether the product keeps its promises, share your ratings with a virtual community and the producer: in this way you will contribute to conscious consumption and improve the manufacturing process and products.


quality ensurance

food safety


From consumer to Consum-Actor

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