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Our Vision

Foodchain SpA wants to make transparency an essential asset for any supply chain actor to guarantee the provenance, quality and value of the food, supporting producers and protecting consumers.

Thanks to Quadrans blockchain, an open ecosystem has been created to track and trace materials and companies along supply chains. Blockchain is the bridging system that joins all supply chain flows, improving management efficiency and quality control..




Our team manages multidisciplinary blockchain integration projects, working on both hardware and software components, and provides specialized consultancy tailored on the client's requirements.

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The Story

  • The first contact between the founders Marco Vitale and Davide Costa occurred on the forum, talking about technical specifications of the so called Bitcoin miners, they started to establish a collaborative relationship which was going to endure.

  • The common vision on possible Bitcoin scenarios has led to the beginning of a collaboration on mining between Block S.r.l. (Como) of Marco Vitale and Kaboom S.r.l. (Torino) of Davide Costa. The union of the professional expertise of the two companies produced two revisions of the mining device that could be also used for mining of other cryptocurrencies.

  • The depression of the mining market and the coming of the Chinese giants of the dedicated microchip (ASIC) brought the two companies to channel the efforts and the know-how on blockchain into the develoment of a new idea: Foodchain. This began as a conjunct project and was initially presented in preview at the first edition of Seeds & Chips and a few months later at EXPO in Milan.

  • This is the year of the set up and launch of Foodchain S.p.A., the first limited company registered in the italian innovative companies' registry. This has given the founders the chance to gauge the potentialities of blockchain on various supply chains: from mineral water to olive oil and from fruits and vegetables to coffee.

  • The traceability model of “Foodchain – the transparent supply chain” grows and raises interest worldwide. The founders are approached from every part of the world and new contacts are established with organizations in Trieste, Palermo, Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore and with others interested in knowing Foodchain's vision of a transparent supply chain capable of influencing and improving the whole industry..

  • Foodchain S.p.A. is included by the Polytechnic of Milan to the list of 331 international startups that use blockchain, and thanks to the case study conducted for Caffe San Domenico roastery and the Slow Food presidia, it is mapped by the Polytechnic of Milan's Observatories of Digital Innovation.

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