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The Autonomous Province of Trento chooses Foodchain

We announce the participation of Foodchain to the program “Invest in your future” launched by the autonomous province of Trento.

The protection of the Italian gastronomic heritage is one of the objectives of Foodchain and for this reason is extremely important to support its presence in the Autonomous Province of Trento. Thanks to the Operative Program 2014-2020 FESR, the territory has chosen to give such an important issue to Foodchain, who has broad experience in providing innovative services and solutions.
The program has the objective of investing in the growth and employment within the territory, with the aim to develop the regional circular economy. The territory has chosen Foodchain as a partner to collaborate on the implementation of the technologies that become available in the last years and is committed to the development new ones for the protection of the local food heritage.

Safeguard of the gastronomic heritage and circular economy.

The service offered by Foodchain enables to track and trace materials and products for a transparent food supply chain, creating the “digital passport” of a physical product and contributing to overcome the criticism of today’s system. Foodchain’s traceability system is based on blockchain technology, which enables a level of data security comparable to the one used in the banking systems and allows to share data and consult them via internet.
The “Foodchain SHA-256 Miner” is at the base of the validation process, a machine that consists of a powerful and highly reliable electronic board that includes a circuit board with a series of processors capable to process the security algorithm SHA-256 and a gateway controller that enables the machine to connect to the internet infrastructure used by Foodchain.

The object of the activities of this call is the development of a new electronic board with a series of FPGA processors (reprogrammable processors) capable of process any type of algorithm or computational operation, and the development of a new algorithm in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Cryptography of the University of Trent.
This electronic board will empower the machines that process the new security algorithm with superior features compared to the ones currently in use, and set them up for the future development of any type of algorithm.

Initiative realized under the ERDF Operational Program 2014-2020 of the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the co-financing of the European Union - European Regional Development Fund, the Italian State and the Autonomous Province of Trento..

Axis: «Investment for growth and jobs» and «Improving the competitiveness of SMEs»

Co-financed amount: € 70.000,00