Foodchain technology

Foodchain technology

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How Foodchain works

Foodchain traces food products from origin to final consumer using blockchain technology..

Blockchain is a public, distributed and decentralized ledger, where information is encrypted and stored in a tamper-proof and secure way. Once data is entered into the system and validated, it becomes unalterable. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) devices it is possible to implement traceability that covers each phase of the supply chain including production, logistics and distribution..

The monitoring of the entire process and the quality control of the product is real-time and is shareable between all the actors of the chain via computer or smartphone.

Foodchain enables companies to improve their internal efficiency of resources and reduce waste, storing and integrating information through a revolutionary combination between blockchain technology and IoT devices capable of providing in real time data on the development of each process, cutting down costs of quality management, solve logistic inefficiencies and at the same time minimizing the reaction time to solve problems related to potential food risks.

The company can choose the type of the information it wants to enter and the users it wants to share it with, through a system of authorization and customized privacy.

Various types of data can be uploaded into the blockchain (e.g. text, images, videos. etc.) and to each of them is attributed a unique code. Through the use of a web platform and a mobile app, the company has the possibility to choose whether the information needs to remain private and not accessible to third parties, shared with some actors of the supply chain, or made completely public.

The final consumer can consult all the public data by scanning the smart label placed on the packaging.

The final result is a QR code placed on the packaging of the product that transforms normal labels into “smart labels”, increasing consumers’ trust towards the company, by allowing them to check all the information about the product.


Foodchain Technology

from producer to consumer

Foodchain revolutionize the organization of the food supply chain making it smart and interactive.

Every company is identified in a sound and univocal manner to prevent unauthorized entities to tamper with data, supporting authenticity of information and preventing counterfeiting.



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