The first case of fully traced coffee supply chain


Caffè San Domenico

San Domenico roastery is one of the top 25 in Italy. The master roaster Roberto Messineo processes, transform and follows the coffee through each individual process of the roasting.

The Slow Food presidia supports and promotes traditional produces, maintaining the ancient food traditions alive to protect local species and the biodiversity during food production. Foodchain is the bridge that connects Caffe San Domenico and the Slow Food presidia to enable the first fully transparent and traceable coffee supply chain through the use of bockchain technology.

the product

the coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular and appreciated drinks in the world. In Italy the ritual of the “Espresso”, in the US with the “long black” and in Turkey with the typical finely ground and unfiltered coffee.

The story concealed behind every cup, the journey that every single coffee bean makes from origin to the cafes in our cities, must do justice to the work and efforts made by the producers involved in a process that goes through the various continents
Foodchain can show this to you.

the chain

The Coffee Supply Chain

The traceability of the coffee bean from origin to the cup has always been a complex task, limited by previous technologies.

The cooperatives represent the fundamental hubs along the chain and thanks to Foodchain, they have an ultimate tool to follow the journey of their product. The cooperative Me-Zochi decided to guarantee provenance and authenticity of the 12 producers of the Slow Food Presidia by using blockchain.

the project

Traceability of Supply Chain

The Coffee Supply Chain

the consumer

Thanks to blockchain that guarantees integrity of data and to the 25 years of experience of San Domenico, the use of the unique ID code on the packaging allows the consumer to know the story and the long journey of the coffee. Every sip brings to mind the far and exotic plantations of “Coffea Canephora”.
From today, coffee is much more than a ritual.

the consumer


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